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JC Penney and Best Buy: Connecting Corporate Strategy to Pricing Strategy

June 2012 Events

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 Did JC Penney kill their revenue stream with a misguided reduction of couponing or are their current losses just transitory?  Will Best Buy go the way of Circuit City or can they compete against Amazon? Are these companies trying to do something that no company has ever successfully accomplished or can we identify examples where their strategies pulled companies out of similar plights?  And, what about management?

In this Wiglaf Pricing Webinar, Tim will examine the challenges faced by JC Penney and Best Buy, their stated strategy for addressing these challenges, and the likelihood of their success.

Executives considering strategic change in their pricing strategy should attend to identify risk factors and decision criteria in selecting their strategy.  Likewise, strategic shareholders of JCP and BBY should attend to clarify their long-term valuation.

This investigative webinar is developed by an expert in pricing strategy who is neither a consultant nor direct investor in any of the companies mentioned.

Discussion Objectives

  • What challenges are facing Best Buy and JC Penney?
  • What strategies are Best Buy and JC Penney taking to address their challenges?
  • What are the major risks in their strategies?
  • Will their strategies succeed?


Speaker:  Tim J Smith, PhD is the managing principal at Wiglaf Pricing and adjunct professor at DePaul University.    His most recent book is Pricing Strategy:  Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts, & Establishing Price Structures (South-Western Cengage Learning, 2012)

  • Singapore Time (Asia): 12 July @ 12:00
  • Prague Time (EU): 12 July @ 6:00
  • Chicago Time (US): 12 July @ 11:00
  • LIVE Online Webinar