February 2020 Remembering Clayton Christensen, Effectiveness Before Efficiency, Pricing Communication Breakdown, and more!

Be Effective Before Being Efficient

February 2020 Corporate

Business-people are obsessed with efficiency. They want to know how to increase their throughput and productivity. Yet, too many executives forget that efficiency isn’t a goal in and of itself. Founding management guru Peter Drucker’s magnum opus is called The Effective Executive, after all, not The Efficient Executive. The hardest thing for executives, especially managers, […]


Pricing Communication Breakdown

February 2020 Communication, Pricing

Pricing projects generally involve a high level of collaboration and coordination between numerous departments in an organization. At a minimum, representatives from sales, marketing, and finance should have a seat at the table. There are many advantages to having a cross-functional team, including having a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and training. However, a common […]