Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2008

Pleasant Winter Solstice Peasant Feast?

December 2008 Top 6

The “new economics” isn’t new, only the players have changed. Now is your opportunity to prove your merit … in the heat of transitions. Prices may drop temporarily to clear inventory, but make sure it is just temporary and not seen as a long term solution to meet future demand. Adjust production to the new […]


Each snowflake is unique. Is your market proposition unique?

November 2008 Top 6

Manage and track your branding. You could be a global star and not know it. When demand slumps, production should slump too or the laws of economics will dictate your price to implode. Competition is closer than you think. Refresh your marketing strategy to address evolving requirements. Putting customers first implies that you actually communicate […]


Fall Showers to Financial Storms. Wear boots to traverse the muck!

October 2008 Top 6

Referrals are low hanging fruit. Harvest well. Price discrimination is good for profits, but exercise with care or either big brother will visit or backwards flows will be created. Parallel importing is an incentive problem. Manage the incentives with both carrots and sticks. Don’t just cut costs, invest in consumer monopolistic positions. Risk pays, but […]


Summer is over. Step up the pace.

September 2008 Top 6

Economic situations are changing. Use your strategy to guide your prices. Want pricing power, differentiate yourself and create brand power. In the intellectual property area, damages in trademark infringement litigation have to be tied to some marketing value – and NOT an accounting value. Find More Customers. Sell Customers More. Make a greater profit on […]


In the Heat of the Night … Plan and Frolic

June 2008 Top 6

Set your goals, pursue them, measure attainment, imagine new horizons. Some risks are too big and should be avoided, others manageable with expected results, and then there are those you have no choice but to take. There is only so far that productivity improvements can go. At some point, executives have to raise prices to […]


Emerging Spring From the Winter of Creative Destruction

May 2008 Top 6

Understand the value customers seek, and excel. Big Progress is rarely received with overwhelming support from those around you. “Focus on customer needs” may sound worn and tired, but serving customer needs is the reason of existence for any business. Nurture your customer relationships. They are your lifesource. Commercialization of material and hard sciences appears […]


Thunder and Calamity, Striking Discharges, April Showers

April 2008 Top 6

Manage your Reaction to Brand Infringements. It’s about money not emotions. Teasers build that Word of Mouth. Who is John Galt? Defend your Points of View in the face of differences in an equally matched discussion. Are you maximizing your Relationship or your Product? Who is your balance? Short term win are needed if the […]


Beyond St’ Patty’s Day Luck is A Ram’s Charge

March 2008 Top 6

Before considering penetration pricing, find a compelling downstream reason. For new-technology launches such as Blu-ray, network externalities were to deliver disproportionate rewards for early market share gains. Big wins require risks. Hedging is the safety net for incremental improvement. Be dutifully optimistic, even in a recessions. Progress takes work. Downhill slides are easy. Make email […]


A Rose is a Rose by Any Other Name. Embrace Your Inner Thorn.

February 2008 Top 6

Don’t confuse table stakes with key differentiators. While both are necessary to play, one will help you win Commoditization is a choice. So is differentiation. Choose with which you wish to compete. Congestion pricing is fair for consumers, but expect the nominally profitable major airlines to balk at it in the name of consumer fairness. […]


A Black Eyed Pea for Each Day of the Year …

January 2008 Top 6

Protect the brand at almost all costs, but preferably not with a bullet in the head. $27.5 billion is anticipated to be spent on Search Marketing in 2008. Spend wisely. Don’t fall for the purchasing agent’s ploy, evaluate bundle discounts for profit improvements before accepting the terms. Use OPM to grow the business by making […]