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November 2014 Valuing Reliability, Market Challenges for Apple Pay, Gender-Based Price Discrimination, and Just How Radical is Value-Based Pricing?

The Radicalness of Value Based Pricing

November 2014 Pricing 3 Comments

Value-based pricing aims to price offerings according to the value customers’ associate with the offering in comparison to its alternatives. This is a pretty well accepted definition of the concept.  Pretty well, but not completely, for this definition leaves out a word most people want to associate with every pricing concept: cost.  To not explicitly include […]


Team building and leadership have some roots in Machiavelli.

  1. If they are not following, you are not leading.
  2. At some point, team members must either be on-board with the plan, accepting of the plan, or off the team if you are to remain as a leader.
  3. If they don’t believe your facts and see your vision, they won’t follow. Help them see.
  4. While facts and logic are preferred, they aren’t the only tools in one’s arsenal for encouraging support.
  5. Metaphorical boots to gluteus maximus may be necessary.
  6. Self-selection is beautiful – if you can get it. If not, revert to point 5 and take action.
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