June 2018 Machine Learning Breakdown, Dynamic Pricing, Barnes and Noble’s Uncertain Future and more!

Strategic Movements June 2018

June 2018 Corporate, Selling

With new competitors Norwegian Air Shuttle and JetBlue Airways entering the market, and the addition of smaller 200-seat planes, capacity on transatlantic flights has grown by more than 20% since 2013. That is comparable to a 4% capacity increase year for the past five years. Did demand increase at this rate as well?  Expect pricing pressure to increase as new entrants attempt to muscle their way in.


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“While Google employees have successfully forced their company to publicly vow it would go easy on the cloud contracts with Defense Department, other huge tech companies have no such qualms.

Quite the reverse: a group of at least nine of them have set aside their brutal rivalries to work together in the hope of forcing the Pentagon to divvy up its $10 billion cloud to multiple vendors, Bloomberg’s Naomi Nix reports. The contract is known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI),” Business Insider

  1. Looks like it’s game time!
  2. What does this mean for the future of cloud innovation?
  3. Could this be the beginning of one huge tech conglomerate?
  4. Can something like this further blur the lines of Internet democracy and the government?
  5. How will Amazon fair if this band of tech companies succeed in garnering the investment?
  6. Could this be the monetary straw that breaks the tech juggernaut’s virtual back?

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