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April 2014 Unicorn Pricing Strategy, Business Development Frameworks, and Professional Student Athletes

How to Price a Unicorn

April 2014 Pricing

In the pricing world we often preach that there is always some alternative for your product or service. But what about a product so new to the world it isn’t even of this world? Let’s explore.


College Scholarship Athletes – Students or Employees

April 2014 Corporate

In a rather remarkable decision, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that football scholarship athletes at Northwestern University should be considered employees and therefore are to be given the right to unionize and bargain collectively. The implications of this ruling are enormous and far-reaching, and the ruling seems to raise more questions than it answers.


“Let X equal X”, Laurie Anderson, Big Science (1982). In search of the perfect…

  1. Wasabi Peas
  2. Steamed Peas
  3. Pea Puree
  4. Pea Gelato
  5. Split Pea Soup
  6. Whirled Peas
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