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A Wiglaf Prediction

By: Editor
June 2017 Uncategorized

“As for his real estate properties, my advice would be to divest himself of all his upscale properties. The cash infusion this would generate would encourage Trump to develop a large chain of medium-priced hotels in smaller markets. They would cater to the Trump voting bloc, and could also be very profitable.”


Letter to the Editor: ‘Dancing Together: xBox, PS3, and Wii’

By: Christopher Lafferty
October 2007 Uncategorized

I wanted to comment on a couple things from, ‘Dancing Together: xBox, PS3, and Wii‘. Fist of all I’d like to respond to when you said, “In other words, Sony isn’t interested in offering multiple version of the PS3 but is willing to increase its costs by adding a larger hard drive while not increasing […]


Internet Potpourri

January 2007 Uncategorized

Following are some Internet-oriented news items as gathered by the editors of The Wiglaf Journal… How Internet Benefits Local Businesses Even if your business is locally-oriented, search engine optimization (SEO) should be a major concern, according to Patricia Hursh, writing in the ClickZ electronic newsletter. She reports that Internet users increasingly rely on search engines […]