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Sales and Marketing Survey of Manufacturing Sector

March 2003 Selling

US Manufacturers have been hit with one management improvement revolution after the other. Total quality management, lean production, just-in-time inventory, work-in-motion, reduced cycle time, and flex teams are a few of the profit improvement techniques that have changed manufacturing forever. In keeping with these changes, labor productivity in the manufacturing sector has increased by 3% […]


Sales Territory Alignment: Grow Sales Without Adding Resources

By: David Klein
March 2003 Selling

For many companies, the sales force is one of their most expensive human resource investments, with sales calls costing upwards of several hundred dollars. Companies have turned to Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enhanced sales training and account management programs to gain more productivity from their sales force. While each […]


Accelerate Rapport-Accelerate Your Sales

By: by Kate LeVan of Rogen International Group
February 2003 Selling

Business developers know the importance of relationship in winning and growing business. Even in IT, sales is still a people business and most business developers and marketers have a knack for developing rapport. Still, we’ve all encountered prospects and clients whom we wouldn’t choose as buddies outside of a business setting. It’s in these situations […]


Sales Management by RJ Calvin Book Synopsis

July 2002 Selling

What questions should a business manager ask in the interview process in selecting a sales person? How should she create the sales force organization? What kind of training should the business manager provide for the sales force? What principals should go into constructing the sales force compensation plan? How does the sales manager motivate, manage, […]