Leverage Analysts – Inovis

By: Quick Take on What Drives Success
August 2004 Communication, Product

Inovis, privately held by Golden Gate Capital, did $100 million in revenue in 2003 and has over 17,000 customers. Their focus has been on managing business to business communications through EDI and value added networks.

AS1, AS2, UCCNet, Rosetta Net, and others communication standards fulfill specific industry needs. For suppliers of consumer goods, working with retailers through these communication standards is a requirement to gain access to store shelves. The Inovis solutions fulfill the industry communication standards and enable companies to communicate with their trading partners according to their requirements.

Michael Croxton, Senior VP Marketing at Inovis, described his mandate as two fold: Tell customers who Inovis is and rationalize the product strategy. To fulfill both of these goals, Mr. Croxton initially applied pressure on formulating relationships with industry analyst such as Gartner, AMR, and Forrester. He uses analyst’s reports as leverage to get in front of customers. At the same time, he believes that analysts are able to see beyond the horizon, providing a long-term view of industry development. He uses analysts’ insight to formulate the Inovis product strategy, and then turns to one-on-one customer interactions to validate it.