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Value Base Pricing
Pricing Above the Competition and Still Winning the Market

January 2004 Pricing

If a pricing manager claims that a product could be sold for twice the price of your competitor’s or nearest substitute, most executives would respond with a mixture of joy, greed, and skepticism. Between the responses of “Great, let’s raise our prices tomorrow” and “You must be daft”, the pricing manager often finds him/herself defending […]


Setting Prices

April 2003 Pricing

To an outsider, how a company sets prices for new-to-the-world products may resemble black magic coupled with company politics. However, sound pricing practices are rarely a matter of mysticism or bravado. Rather, like other managerial business decisions, appropriate pricing is accomplished through direct qualitative and quantitative approaches. And, in overcoming this sales and marketing challenge, […]


EMNS Pricing Strategy

April 2003 Pricing

As with all business products and services, the value of technological offerings is determined by the benefits provided to customers. Greater benefits imply higher customer value, and fewer benefits imply lower customer value. Creating value is the first requirement to producing business products and services that customers will demand. Capturing a portion of that value […]


Value and ROI

January 2003 Pricing

Customers demand value. Customers want to be sure that when they buy a product or service they can use it and, in its use, derive more value from the product or service than the cost of selecting it and purchasing it. At the core of this decision criteria is the value proposition. Managing the value […]


Bundled Products, Pricing, and Revenue

November 2002 Pricing

Wind River Announces Pricing Change On Friday, November 1, 2002, Wind River’s released its new pricing strategy. Their new pricing scheme is reflects two strategic choices. First, Wind River has opted for an annual subscription pricing plan over a per-project plan. Second, Wind River has created new software combinations bundling what were individual software products. […]


Improved Pricing Practices

October 2002 Pricing

Nothing is more contentious in a company than prices. Those on the front lines would usually like to see a lower price so that they can close more sales and move more units. Those in operations would prefer to see high prices to cover the costs. Finance enters and they too want to see upward […]