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The Licensing Model

By: Objectives and Benefits

Adrian Horne
March 2004 Corporate, Partnership

In an earlier edition of The Wiglaf Journal Bob Brill and Carmen Patti, of Patti and Brill LLC, discussed the key role of the patent attorney in defining effective patent claims and prosecuting the patent application for a new and innovative development. They also introduced the concept of commercializing patented inventions by licensing. In this […]


AssureBuy’s Channel Approach

April 2003 Partnership

When hundreds of thousands of transactions per month are required in order to achieve a million dollars in revenue, businesses must embrace a low cost approach to reaching their market. One low cost approach is through channel distribution partners. In 1999, AssureBuy selected to embrace this approach. AssureBuy Organized in ’94, AssureBuy ( initially approached […]


Best Practices: SmartSynch’s Partnership

March 2003 Energy & Utilities, Partnership

There are many go-to-market strategies for new technologies. Firms can build their own sales and marketing team and go-direct, take a licensing strategy and allow others to commercialize their technology, or explore opportunities between these two extremes in a partner distribution strategy. Each go-to-market strategy presents its own complexities, tradeoffs, and challenges. In September of […]


SmartSynch’s Partnership Process

March 2003 Energy & Utilities, Partnership

While partnerships may be economically efficient, many small technology-driven companies have difficulties establishing them. SmartSynch, with 18 major utility clients, is much smaller than Itron, who brings over 2000 utility clients globally. How did they convince Itron to partner? Mr. Rodgers, CEO of SmartSynch, shared the process to founding this strategic partnership. In January of […]


Channel Conflict of Interest

July 2002 Energy & Utilities, Partnership

Getting new ideas to market proves a challenge for any enterprise. Determining the correct target, value proposition, and story to tell customers are fundamental issues that must be addressed by all businesses. But channel design represents a particularly daunting task for entrepreneurial firms offering “new to the world” technological products. Rarely can the value offering […]