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Free Trade, Protectionism and Marketing

May 2016 Marketing, Partnership

Keeping less-productive Americans in their factory jobs means the U.S. government has to impose tariffs or quotas on the more efficiently produced foreign products. This will force the prices of those off shore goods to go up in order to match what it costs to produce them less efficiently in America. So the consumer has to pay, out of his/her own pocket, what it cost to keep a less productive American worker employed.


The Coming Convergence of Alternative Payments and Digital Marketing Strategy

November 2011 Partnership 1 Comment

During October, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the BAI Retail Delivery Summit 2011 and the 3rd Mobile Contactless Payment Innovations Summit. These shows discussed various aspects of banking and payment convergence with digital mobile devices. The majority of the presenters focused on the technology and near field communications issues. But there were a few speakers who had different perspectives.


American Airlines vs. Sabre Holdings: Destruction or Creation of Airline Traveler Value?

February 2011 Partnership, Pricing 4 Comments

In January 2011, American Airlines (AMR) and Sabre Holdings, parent company of Travelocity, came to loggerheads over content, fees, and the role of global distribution systems in the future of air travel.  While American Airlines seeks to gain efficiencies and customer intimacy by encouraging customers and ticket brokers to connect directly with the American Airlines information systems, Sabre Holdings decries a reduction of choice and transparency and responds with a lower placement of American Airlines offerings in their distribution system. Is American Airlines squeezing the distributors and harming customers or is this a strategic shift that improves welfare?


In Bringing Products to Market, Speed is of the Essence

June 2006 Corporate, Partnership

The cover article in the March 27, 2006, BUSINESS WEEK, provides excellent insight for small-to-medium-size businesses seeking to streamline production and distribution systems to gain competitive advantage. The article is entitled “Speed Demons; How Smart Companies Are Creating New Products – And Whole New Businesses – Almost Overnight.” Authors Steve Hamm and Ian Rowley observe: […]