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Marketing is a Luxury?

August 2002 Marketing

It is said that Marketing is a luxury, especially in B2B or Industrial Markets. When the economic outlook is poor, many firms halt marketing since they view marketing as a wasteful extravagance. Classifying marketing as a luxury poses a problem in logical consistency however: If marketing is a luxury, why do companies participate in marketing […]


Expanding Markets: Mathew Miller of OSIsoft

July 2002 Energy & Utilities, Marketing

There are four basic growth strategies for firms to increase their revenues. These are penetration, geographic, horizontal, and vertical. Each growth strategy has its own internal characteristic growth rate, beyond which growth is achieved in non-economically efficient manners. Selecting the appropriate growth strategy and growth pressure for a firm requires determining competitive strengths and managing […]


Growing in Downturns

June 2002 Marketing

“If the GDP declines but there are no economists reporting it, do we still have a recession?” —- It is no secret that the tech sector is still in a funk in many dimensions. Book-to-order numbers in the semiconductor industry arestill depressed, the telecom sector continues to report poor earnings, and software firms are itching […]


B2B Marketing?

June 2002 Marketing

According to Randy Kobat, Director of Strategic Planning of ADP, in Business-to-Business (B2B) industries, marketing is an important driver of success. For people like him, B2B is believed to be the next big thing in the marketing field. Yet, when I speak to VPs of Sales & Marketing, they often reply that marketing is less […]


Attacking Markets: Agent Based Systems, Energy Markets, and Adica

May 2002 Advanced Computing, Energy & Utilities, Marketing

When new ventures begin, they take one of two courses. Along one path, the venture identifies a promising market opportunity then builds a business to attack it. Along the second path, the venture tinkers with an idea then discovers a business opportunity to exploit it. Identifying a known market opportunity then building a business to […]


Mobile Telephony and Computing: Moving Down the Product Lifecycle

May 2002 Marketing, Selling

At the Mobile Wednesday event last week, the speakers approached at mobile telephony and computing with distinctly different viewpoints yet both were clearly in the maturity phase of the product lifecycle. AT&T’s Rod Nelson encouraged us to purchase more features that would make our mobile phone our own in his personalization campaign, while FedEX’s Ken […]


Customer Lifecycles

May 2002 Marketing

Much to their detriment, many businesses in B2B markets consider issues of consumer buying behavior theory irrelevant. While much of customer lifecycle theory originates in B2C marketing, it can be profitably mapped into B2B marketing and sales. The basic sequence according to consumer buying behavior can be listed as follows: Goal Activation, Awareness, Attribute Learning, […]


Advertising, Part 2: Wheres & Hows

April 2002 Marketing

My last article clarified the economics and effectiveness of advertising in raising brand awareness and familiarity. Because small businesses often initially limit their experimentation with advertising to magazines, newsletters, and sometimes web advertising, this article will focus on executing a marketing effort with these specific media. An old mantra of the advertising business is that […]