Back to School Shopping – and Selling

By: Youth Pulse
August 2011 Marketing

The higher spending demographic isn’t who you think

According to Ypulse research, teens and college age men spend more per shopping trip than young women ($94 vs. $81)? That’s because guys want to get in and out of stores fast, and avoid shopping for a while. Women enjoy the process, shop more often, and spend more monthly ($137 vs. $99) than guys.

Interestingly, white students spend the least on fashion ($81.41 per trip), Black ($91.51) and Hispanic ($98.20) students spend the most per trip, while Asians spend the most per month ($140.97).

When It Comes To Teen Fashion – Mother Knows Best

Students are getting ready to go back to school, and their moms are helping them decide what to wear. Even if mom doesn’t accompany her kids to the store, she definitely has input. Teens know if she doesn’t approve their purchases, the items are going straight back to the store.

“For high school students in particular, mom is the style gatekeeper. Not only does she hold the purse strings, she also won’t let her child out of the house if she doesn’t think his or her outfit is appropriate,” said Melanie Shreffler, editor-in-chief, Ypulse, the leading authority on youth culture and markets.

Nearly one in five high school and college students (18%) prefer shopping with their moms to anyone else, including their friends, according to a recent Ypulse survey. The bond between high school girls and their moms is strongest, with 33% preferring to shop with mom.

“Why do they like shopping with mom so much? Sure, they like that she pays for things, but also that she gives them an honest opinion,” said Ypulse’s Ms. Shreffler.

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