Merge with Similarly Market Focused Companies – Marimba

By: Quick Take on What Drives Success
June 2004 Marketing

Founded in 1996, this public company achieved $40 million in revenue in 2003 and has over 450 customers including name brands such as Music Match and Electronic Arts.

Marimba provides a solution for managing software inventory and updates. Companies seek their solution for security patch and anti-virus management, software license compliance, and operating system migration.

According to Maria Bayer, Sr. Sales Representative at Marimba, being acquired is their route to success. This summer, Remedy should complete their acquisition of Marimba. The acquisition was sought by Remedy as a solution to expand their solution suite that already includes other IT service management, customer support, and action management solutions. The board of Marimba was looking for an exit plan. As a route to market, the acquisition should enable the Marimba solution to reach a broacher customer set. For Remedy, the broader solution footprint enables salespeople to contact their customers with more solutions, enabling economies of scope in the selling process.