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Midwest Nanotech – Hype or Reality?

April 2003 Nanotech 1 Comment

Scientists in the Midwest US have made significant contributions to nanotechnology, but do these advances present real business opportunities in the region? At the Biomedical Opportunities in Nanotechnology panel discussion during CUBIC 2003 on March 7th, experts from business, investors, support agencies, and universities clarified the reality and challenges of creating an economically vital nanotech […]


Inside Nanotechnology BIG Idea Breakfast with Vijaya Vasista of Nanosphere

September 2002 Nanotech

Nanotechnology has buzz in today’s business community, but will it be the next big thing? From science fiction and popular science periodicals, people are fascinated with the concept of nanotechnology, but is there a business in this field? More specifically, how is nanotechnology being commercialized? Vijaya Vasista, the Chief Operating Officer of Nanosphere shared her […]



April 2002 Nanotech

Chicago is getting some good hype in Nanotechnology. For those of us used to IT, let’s discuss the basics of nanotech. A nanotech device has dimensions on the order of a nanometer to thousands of nanometers. While this sounds like a huge range, 1 or 1000, the critical dimension is always on the order of […]

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