Why do leading executives read the Wiglaf Journal?

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“I am delighted to discover it. This is the first business site I’ve come across that challenges the monster of traditional business beliefs with thoughtful analysis based on sound observation.”
    Steven Landsman, Landsman Capitol Associates, July 2006

“I can glean ideas from every issue that help me provide value to my hiring managers and become a better business partner.”
Juan M. Sanchez, Mgr. Recruitment HR, ShoreBank, October 2003.

“Good Interesting Relevant”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“The Wiglaf Journal is a welcome news piece fashioned with real-world strategy meeting real-world practicality issues… I enjoy the variety and integrity reflected in this newsletter.”
Steven W. Nemetz, Founder, Folio:// Group, October 2003

“This is interesting reading in a field I know little about but which I would like to learn more… something The Wiglaf Journal actually accomplishes for me”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“I am always impressed with the experienced perspective and well written insights of the journal. I always find something of interest in most every edition.”
Jeff Seifert, President, onDemand LLC, October 2003

“Enjoy the Insights”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“I am very pleased with the subject content of the Wiglaf Journal. I learn something new with each newsletter.”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“Targeted information that is interesting, beneficial, and valuable.”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“Great publication. Always interesting and insightful”
Justin Kerr,, October 2003

“Thought Provoking”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“I archive my Wiglaf Journals because I find the information very insightful and valuable. … I know I can reference it for future use.”
Roberta Rekus, President, Time of Your Life Inc., October 2003

“Great journal. Very useful for the latest in strategic marketing.”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“I really enjoy the Wiglaf Journal. I find something of value in every issue – particularly the insights on corporate strategies.”
Mark E. Rodgers, CEO, SmartSynch Inc., October 2003

“The electronic version is far better due to travel concerns. I can synchronize and read when not near home.”
Wiglaf Subscriber, October 2003

“Once I saw the format and the quality of the pieces in it I wanted it right away.”
Christos Zafiropoulos, Empower Geographics, May 2003

“Your work is outstanding”
David J. Smat, President and CEO, iNETWORKS Group, Inc., May 2003

“A great service focused on delivering timely market-based information regarding your sales and marketing efforts. Very useful resource… They do a great job of “boiling-down” many points into key articles you can use to improve your focus.”
Wiglaf Subscriber, November 2002

“Informative, Educational source of strategic marketing ideas, marketing tactics, and concepts towards successful support of sales through marketing”
Wiglaf Subscriber, November 2002

“Incisive information source at the cutting edge”
Wiglaf Subscriber, November 2002

” The ‘goal-oriented’ nature of your perspective is lost on many people.”
Jeff Meunier, Shure Communications Inc., June 2002

“Someone just forwarded me one of your electronic articles about Trade Shows – A value Model. A very good article, exactly what I was looking for…”
Jannah Kost, Marshall & Swift / Boeckh, June 2002

“I always find your articles to be relevant, pointed, and thought provoking – thank you.”
Virginia Venable, The Customer Group, LLC, June 2002

“Just read your article… looks like it’s gone viral:) I’m a sales trainer and think your article is exactly right.”
Tom Schaff June 2002

“Valuable info in this newsletter.”
Scott Dorsey, President, ExactTarget, June 2002