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IQPC European Pricing Conference 2018 – Tim J. Smith as Chairperson

February 2018 Events

Join us in London for Tim J. Smith, PhD, CEO of Wiglaf Pricing chairing the 2018 European Pricing Conference.

The advent of disruptive technology, growth of e-commerce and increasing competition from global markets are just a few of the reasons why leading companies are spending time and money to develop a pricing strategy that works.

Many pricing leaders are wondering what direction to take their pricing strategy in and want to benchmark with other organisations to decide what is the most profitable option. But KPIs and pricing models are almost always confidential, and the majority of organisations are unwilling to disclose the facts and figures that the industry needs. The industry has a dilemma where practitioners want to have insights on new developments in strategies, but they are usually subject to commercial secret.

Given this situation, IQPC will be launching a limited-access, confidential mentoring panel as part of our European Pricing and Commercial Excellence Summit to enable our clients to obtain first-hand tips from our mentors to assist them in creating the most profitable pricing strategy.

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  • April 16-18, 2018
  • London, UK

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