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Value-Based Pricing in Retail and Distribution

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Does value-based pricing work in Retail and Distribution?  Does it even make sense when you are talking about thousands, if not millions, of different items and shop keeping units (SKUs)?  In the days of showrooming and online shopping, isn’t price just determined by the competitive market?  And, where does value-based pricing fit in a promotion and coupon driven world?

Join Tim J. Smith, PhD as he goes to the core of value-based pricing and its implications for retailers and distributors in March 19ths Wiglaf Big Idea Show.

  • How are retail and distribution mindsets adapting to value-based pricing
  • What analytical frameworks can be used to evaluate price promotions and coupons
  • How are prices being set with Big Data
  • Thursday, 19 March
  • 11 am Chicago Time LIVE
  • Wiglaf Big Idea Show

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