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Innovators: Can You Really Capture The Value You Create?

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Value-based pricing aims to price offerings according to the value customers’ associate with the offering in comparison to its alternatives.  This is well accepted.  But how much of that value can you capture?  When modeling the exchange value to customers, can a firm really capture all the value it delivers to customers?  What are some of the determinants to the portion of value a firm can capture and the portion of value it must give away?

Join Tim J. Smith, PhD as he goes to the core of value-based pricing and its implications for innovation driven products on the Wiglaf Big Idea Show.

  • How to model the value created in innovation
  • Industry-specific challenges to capturing the value created
  • Customer-specific challenges to capturing the value created
  • Thursday, 16 April
  • 11 am Chicago Time LIVE
  • Wiglaf Big Idea Show

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