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Economic Price Optimization with Historical Sales Data

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Data mining techniques, be it big data or small, have had a direct and positive impact on pricing practices.  Using these techniques, firms have been able to profitably raise prices, increase volumes, and sometimes both simultaneously.  Yet data mining isn’t the same quite the as economic price optimization, and that is a good thing.

In this webinar, Tim Smith, PhD will clarify what economic price optimization can and cannot do, where it can and cannot be used, and why data mining pricing isn’t the same as economic price optimization.

  • Thursday, 29 August 2013
  • Wiglaf Pricing Webinar

  • Singapore Time (Asia) @ 12:00 (12 PM)
    Prague Time (EU) @ 15:00 (3 PM),
    11:00 Chicago Time @ 11:00 (11 AM)

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