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How to Price Part 1 of 4: Exchange Value

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What is the right price for a new business product or service?  How can executives understand the value they create with new products, quantify that value, communicate the value to customers, and capture the value at the time of product launch?  When should new product pricing decisions engage the product development cycle and how should they be managed during launch?

In How to Price Part 1:  Exchange Value Models, Tim will provide an executable overview of the dominant method to pricing new business products and services.  This is the first installment of our four part series on How to Price.

Speaker: Tim J. Smith, PhD, Managing Principal, Wiglaf Pricing

  • Thursday, 18 December
  • Wiglaf Pricing Webinar Series
  • 12:00 Singapore Time (APAC), 15:00 Prague Time (EMEA), or 11:00 Chicago Time (AMER)

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