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Attacking Markets: Agent Based Systems, Energy Markets, and Adica

May 2002 Advanced Computing, Energy & Utilities, Marketing

When new ventures begin, they take one of two courses. Along one path, the venture identifies a promising market opportunity then builds a business to attack it. Along the second path, the venture tinkers with an idea then discovers a business opportunity to exploit it. Identifying a known market opportunity then building a business to […]


Marketing as Full Cycle: Jennifer Sherwood of Systems & Software

April 2002 Energy & Utilities, Product

According to Frederick Webster of Tuck School of Business, marketing is charged with three distinct areas of responsibility: (1) communicate to the market the value proposition of their product for demand stimulation, (2) determine product strategy to improve their value proposition, and (3) craft the corporate strategy to capture the uncovered opportunities. While many new […]


The Next Disruptive Technology – Distributed Generation

September 2000 Energy & Utilities

Is Enron coming for lunch? Introduction The past three decades have offered ample evidence of the ability of disruptive technologies to create and redistribute wealth. From disc-drives, to flat panel displays, to audiocassettes, each of these technological advances have shared a set of the common features: An existing technology satisfied the market demand. A newly […]