FREE Advice for Creating a Business Plan

By: Editor
May 2005 Corporate

Even if you are not interested in obtaining financing, your first step on the road to entrepreneurship is developing your business plan. And, the Web has loads of free advice. The editors of The Wiglaf Journal have reviewed a half dozen sights that are loaded with valuable information. These six are just several of the many sites one can find by doing a search on Google or any other search engine under “BUSINESS PLAN.”

If you are serious about starting your own business, these six sites provide an excellent starting point: — This site provides a 36-page comprehensive step-by-step guide entitled: “CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN.” — This site offers many examples of sample business plans, marketing plans, Web strategy plans and advertising plans to learn from and apply to one’s own new business. — Part of this site includes a library of business plans including entries in the Moot Corp® Competition at the University of Texas. Each business plan was a winner or finalist in the competition. The judges (venture capitalists) selected these plans as representing the best in business strategy and presentation. — This is a soup-to-nuts outline and template from the U.S. Small Business Administration that provides crucially important information to drafting a successful business plan. — This remarkable site offers an entertaining approach to putting together “a pile of essential advice and links to take some of the legwork out of wowing your creditors-to-be. With luck, intelligence, charm, experience, connections and a little help from SoYouWanna,com, soon you’ll be raking in dough as if it were scum on the bottom of your Olympic-sized pool. Filled with beer.” — This site enables the entrepreneur to plan his/her new business using a range of complete and ready-made industry specific sample business plans (i.e. starting a Bed and Breakfast or Internet Café). These samples provide everything that is required to plan and start a new business and raise financing with confidence.

So, go for it!!