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Pricing Communication Breakdown

February 2020 Communication, Pricing

Pricing projects generally involve a high level of collaboration and coordination between numerous departments in an organization. At a minimum, representatives from sales, marketing, and finance should have a seat at the table. There are many advantages to having a cross-functional team, including having a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and training. However, a common […]


In Defense of Meetings

November 2019 Communication, Corporate

The forward-thinking business world is united in the belief that meetings, by and large, are simply bad ideas. Bad meetings are the subject of popular TED talks. An Amazon search for business books on bad meetings returns over 250 results with titles like “Meetings Suck” and “Death By Meeting”. And, perhaps most tellingly, there are […]


What I (Re)Learned from Writing a Book

September 2019 Communication

My book, The New Invisible Hand: Five Revolutions in the Digital Economy, has been out for six weeks, and I’ve been floored with the positive response from colleagues, connections, clients…and even some competitors! It is rewarding to have an Amazon Bestseller and see the topics resonating with so many people. I want to take a […]


The Importance of Speaking Other Business Languages

June 2019 Communication, Corporate

I was recently in Portland, Oregon for the first time, attending a business conference. The Digital Summit series brings together all manner of marketing practitioners, from strategists to email marketing specialists to search optimization experts. While only tangentially related to pricing, such an event is useful because it provides exposure to new ideas and other […]

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