When Network Externalities Fail Make Glue

February 2002 Corporate

Network Externalities has been the mantra among Hi-Tech new ventures. They provide a believable logic behind their revenue forecasts that predict exponential growth and permanent 90% market-share in an untapped market. Yet sometimes this fairy-tale just ain’t so. What are network externalities? They are reasons that induce the market to accept a solution as a […]


The Nitty-Gritty of Product Management

February 2002 Product

In bringing new technologies to market, the whole team focuses on the vision. Developers are led by architects offering visions of clean architecture and working on the next new thing. Customers are led by sales executives offering visions of increased business profits or better consumer lifestyles and being the innovators among their peers. Financiers are […]


Product Plans Gone Awry

February 2002 Product

I attended the DCI (Digital Consulting Inc.: CRM conference on Wednesday, February 13, to discover that some product visions have gone awry in enterprise solutions. Two competing trends have forced a tradeoff that leaves solutions short of speed and robustness. The browser-based user-interface and the PDA. For the truly thin-client enterprise solution, such as […]


The Next Disruptive Technology – Distributed Generation

September 2000 Energy & Utilities

Is Enron coming for lunch? Introduction The past three decades have offered ample evidence of the ability of disruptive technologies to create and redistribute wealth. From disc-drives, to flat panel displays, to audiocassettes, each of these technological advances have shared a set of the common features: An existing technology satisfied the market demand. A newly […]


Industrial Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

By: Tim Smith, PhD, Chief Editor
May 2000 Uncategorized

Economic transactions and industrial reorganizations are akin to the evolution of a complex system punctuated with periods of equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics. The reactions of firms to the type of dynamics underway determine their competitive position for the next period. In this article, I will clarify an analogy of our economy to systems undergoing equilibrium […]

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Tim J. Smith, PhD is the Managing Principal of Wiglaf Pricing, and an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University of Marketing and Economics. His most recent book is Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts, & Establishing Price Structures.

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