Marketing as Full Cycle: Jennifer Sherwood of Systems & Software

April 2002 Energy & Utilities, Product

According to Frederick Webster of Tuck School of Business, marketing is charged with three distinct areas of responsibility: (1) communicate to the market the value proposition of their product for demand stimulation, (2) determine product strategy to improve their value proposition, and (3) craft the corporate strategy to capture the uncovered opportunities. While many new […]


Listening to Markets: Michael Alter of SurePayroll

April 2002 Product 1 Comment

When firms want to escape hand-to-mouth business and enter a somewhat predictable high-growth market, business leaders have to change from opportunism and cost based decision-making into a market driven mentality. This kind of a growing-up sometimes requires sacrificing immediate cash flow, exploration, and intuition while replacing it with investment, commitment, and data-based decisions. We may […]


Is Rolodex Marketing the Right Answer?

April 2002 Selling

It seems to be a dominant philosophy among many managers that the mark of a great sales person is the size of their Rolodex. I call this “Rolodex Marketing.” The logic flows along the lines of: (1) Salespeople create and manage customer relationships to drive profitable transactions. (2) The more relationships salespeople already have, the […]



April 2002 Nanotech

Chicago is getting some good hype in Nanotechnology. For those of us used to IT, let’s discuss the basics of nanotech. A nanotech device has dimensions on the order of a nanometer to thousands of nanometers. While this sounds like a huge range, 1 or 1000, the critical dimension is always on the order of […]


Selling Messages

March 2002 Communication

During the last month, I have attended a number of trade shows with vendors selling business software and hardware to large corporations. There is a distinct change in successful selling messages from the tech vendors. They’re focusing on ROI and money saved. In the late 90’s, it was considered acceptable to state that a piece […]


Hanging Your Net Shingle, Part 4: Partners

March 2002 Communication

Corporate web sites are communication tools that can influence decisions and encourage positive actions. In this fourth of a five part series discussing the content of new venture web sites, we will explore Novarra’s site,, and some of the issues surrounding partnership management. (For a discussion of formal partnerships, visit Curt Sahakian site.) […]

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