What will drive Mobile Payments Adoption?

October 2012 Marketing

All over the world, existing and new players are working to make point-of-sale mobile payments a reality. The two key challenges in realizing this are building partner ecosystem, and changing consumer behavior to adopt mobile device as a payment instrument. To change consumer behavior, providing a compelling yet secure consumer experience is a critical factor. This paper contends that having the right balance between consumer experience and security is a must to drive adoption.

    About the author

    Ripan Kumar is a Sr. Associate with CME (Communications, Media & Entertainment) practice at Infosys Limited. He focuses on developing Business Implementation Strategies for mobile payments and commerce space. He has successfully executed number of projects in the Mobile Commerce, Digital Retailing and new service offerings for telecom service providers. He holds a degree in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India.

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