September 2009 Communication

The Social Media tsunami has spawned a veritable army of evangelists, strategists, consultants, and would-be entrepreneurs in the fight for the Internet marketing dollar. They are marching to a subtle yet driving hymn of information overload, promising ROI, search engine domination and profitability at every turn. In the distance, tweeting, once faint, can be heard. The most ambitious of these soldiers, with laptops ablaze, have set their sights on the C-suite.


Success in Social Media

June 2009 Communication

How is success in Social Media defined? Is it an input-equals-output argument? Can expenditures by companies in this area be justified? With so many individuals and corporations unable to attach logic to the concept, let alone the possibility of payoff, how does the use of the Social Media translate into black ink on the balance sheet? These are the questions imposed on businesses that seek to advance and flourish in the Internet Age


The Social Media Tsunami

May 2009 Communication 1 Comment

Nobody saw this coming. A few hints were given that something was looming on the horizon, but not to this extent, to this fanfare. It struck suddenly and has pounded down on us with no quarter. In describing the impact of Social Media, the tsunami metaphor works—and mainstream business better be ready to accept it. Rather than being crushed under its immense force, individuals and companies must now learn how to surf—and very quickly. But what exactly triggered this tectonic shift in habit?



April 2009 Wiglaffs

MEET WILL BANTER Meet Will Banter: networker extraordinaire, pay-it-forward specialist, Social Media rock star and purveyor of good karma.  Will is the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Relationship Architect of Banter Connections.  He is also the linchpin of The Handshake Club, a prominent Social Media and networking platform that, according to Will, “fosters network building […]

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