Is Sales/Marketing Budgeting Really a Necessity Or Is It Just a Big Waste of Time and Money?

November 2005 Corporate

With yearend approaching, many companies are thoroughly immersed in the annual rite of autumn – the sales and marketing budgeting process. Increasingly, experts are challenging the conventional wisdom of undertaking this time- and money-consuming process. Loren Gary, a frequent contributor to various Harvard Business School newsletters, observes “The average billion-dollar company spends as many as […]


How “Intervention” Can Improve Sales Management for Smaller Firms

September 2005 Selling

When it comes to sales management, there is a forgotten market segment crying out for professional help. This forgotten market segment are companies and organizations with sales/revenues in the $1 million to $25 million range. This includes manufacturing companies, distribution organizations and service firms. All of these companies depend on sales or some form of […]


What’s In a Name?

August 2005 Marketing

Microsoft might very well have shot itself in the foot with the branding of its new Windows operating system. The code name for this product was “longhorn,.” But it recently announced its official brand name of the product is “Windows Vista.” In addition to being highly unimaginable, the new name might very well nourish the […]


Marketing Playbook Review

August 2005 Uncategorized

If there is one book that every marketing department should have it’s John M.. Fox’ new “MARKETING PLAYBOOKTM The Manual for Growing Organizations.” This marketing manual features “102 of the best marketing plays to get your sales team across the goal line.” The author, John Fox, is president of Venture Marketing, a marketing firm for […]


So You Want to be a “Rainmaker”

By: …10 Best Practices used by top-notch business makers

James T. Berger
July 2005 Selling

If you look at who is really successful today in business, it is NOT the most brilliant or capable professional, the smartest lawyer or cleverest accountant. That key person, who makes far more income than the top practicing professional, is the person who possesses that unique ability to bring in business – the “rainmaker.” While […]


How I Became an Entrepreneur

May 2005 Uncategorized

Entrepreneurs in some ways resemble great leaders. Some are born entrepreneurs. Some become or evolve into entrepreneurs, and some have entrepreneurship thrust upon them. My entry into entrepreneurship came about through the third scenario. I never really considered going into my own business until I was confronted with unforeseen circumstances. I was vice president and […]


10 Easy Ways to Lose a Customer

April 2005 Marketing

While businesses will willingly invest large sums of money to try to attract new clients or customers, they often let valuable relationships slip away through simple acts of carelessness and failure to identify with the needs of the customer/client. Today’s business environment is brutal. Not only is it difficult to attract new business, competitors seem […]

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