Pricing Can Be Hazardous To Your Career

August 2011 Corporate, Pricing

As the global economy continues to be stressed and prices for all kinds of raw materials continue to rise, manufacturers are looking for ways to preserve profits. Although manufacturers are substituting materials where they can and locking in long-term contracts to protect themselves from price hikes, they may ultimately face the conundrum of passing along rising costs in the form of price increases to their customers. Will it work? Mixed results.


Healthcare Reform – Aligning Incentives

July 2011 Pricing

As health care spending consumes a greater and greater share of the nation’s economic output in the future, Americans will be faced with increasingly difficult choices between health care and other priorities. However, a number of opportunities exist to constrain health care costs without adverse health consequences.


Low Cost Airline Carriers – Value Pricing or Inelastic Demand

June 2011 Pricing 1 Comment

It’s once again that time of year where the kids are out of school, the stress of work is weighing us down and the thought of a relaxing getaway is on our minds. As we begin to investigate the options there are many factors we need to consider including costs, time constraints and of course destination. Unfortunately, a large majority of us don’t live in Hawaii, next to a four star resort or a world-class golf course. That means we have to get into a car, board a plane, find a train, ship or some other form of transportation to get to where we are going. After you consider all of the options – even with the inconveniences of security, over crowded flights and additional fees - you may find yourself with one viable alternative – air travel.

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