Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2016

Quotes in the News:

December 2016 Top 6

“Having worked closely with James during the past 10 years of his 20-year career with our company, I know that his vast industry knowledge, expertise with our brands, values and system, coupled with an acute understanding of evolving consumer tastes, make him the ideal candidate,” said Kent, who has been CEO for eight years,” Coca […]


November 2016 Top 6

“Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is stepping up investments in the entertainment industry with the formation of a new media group along with a fund of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.48 billion) for new projects.” – Bloomberg Technology Quite the consolidation of the Chinese e-commerce giant’s media empire This back’s Alibaba’s efforts to be more […]


October 2016 Top 6

“Given the pound weakness right now, for U.S. investors, it’s really only a win if you are a new investor and you’re bullish…If you already own FTSE 100 companies, you’ve seen your investments depreciate.” – Ken Odeluga, London-based market analyst at brokerage City Index, Bloomberg Markets Brexit turning out to be a mixed bag. The […]


September 2016 Top 6

U.S. businesses added a solid 177,000 jobs in August, according to a private survey, suggesting that hiring remains healthy after two months of strong gains. – Business Insider, Associated Press So what’s all the fuss over the economy about? Who’s actually up for and gaining jobs? Where does immigration fall into this? This covers private […]


August 2016 Top 6

“These governments are flailing about looking for something that will get it back on track, and certainly public confidence that they have really done enough has been something that has been difficult to achieve,” – Bruce McCain, chief investment strategist at Key Private Bank in Cleveland, Reuters Supposedly Japan’s fiscal packaged wasn’t as neatly wrapped. […]


July 2016 Top 6

“A week after Britain’s stunning vote to leave the E.U., the battle lines in the monumental exit negotiations to come are clearer than ever. And they don’t favor Britain.” – The Washington Post Is there time to turn back? Britain had to have envisioned a better forecast in forging this storm. Perhaps the world stage […]


June 2016 Top 6

“When you get a Fed that is now perceived to be lower for longer (on interest rates), with a dollar that is less likely to rally, and an economy that may be slowing but is not in recession, that has tended to be a positive for those stocks in 2016,” Julian Emanuel, U.S. equities and […]


May 2016 Top 6

“It is unfortunate that instead of engaging with Gannett to negotiate a mutually agreeable transaction that is in the best interests of all Tribune stockholders, Tribune is putting up another roadblock to prevent its stockholders from realizing compelling, immediate and certain cash value for their investment,” Gannett Spokesperson, USA Today Who holds whose best interest […]


April 2016 Top 6

“U.S. labor markets are firm, with the pool of labor expanding but pressure on wages is hardly rising. We have been seeing this for a long time and unless it changes, markets will focus more on Yellen’s stance,” – Koichi Yoshikawa, executive director of financial markets at Standard Chartered Bank, Reuters What will get the […]


March 2016 Top 6

 “Without a guarantee that residential rate payers will not be impacted … the proposed settlement is not in the public interest.” – D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine regarding a rejected merger between Exelon and Pepco, The Washington Post Perhaps proof big business looks out for the little people. Luckily this didn’t have to do […]