Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2013

“You can’t ‘manage’ a crowd – or a community – through transactional exchanges or economic incentives. You need something stronger: shared purpose.” Nilofer Merchant, “When TED Lost Control of Its Crowd”, HBR, April 2013, p 82.

September 2013 Top 6

Game-changing entrepreneurs co-create a future with that mutually benefits the co-creators. Game-changing entrepreneurs set goals based upon the means that they develop. Game-changing entrepreneurs limit losses to ensure their ability to engage the next game cycle. Game-changing entrepreneurs share with committed partners to increase their support. Game-changing entrepreneurs transform the unexpected into new opportunities. Game-changing […]


Which of the following is most critical for a successful entrepreneur to have? -An Idea –Money –Employees -Customers Which one? Customers you goof.

August 2013 Top 6

Who do you serve? What do they need? Why are you the best person to serve them? How will they learn this? “The difference between an idea and a profit-making business is the difference between an amoeba and a human being.”  -James T. Berger Ideas, money, and employees are results and inputs into a strategy.  […]


To graduates: Michael Dell (Dell), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mike Lazaridis (RIM), and John Mackey (Whole Foods) all dropped out to start businesses. Time: the relentless and uncompromising performance metric.

June 2013 Top 6

The difference between an idea and a profit-making business is the difference between an amoeba and a human being Capability To outperform, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to beat the competition more often than it beats you. Context Grown-ups know that compromises are better than analysis paralysis Commitment


“If there is a Volkswagen Way, it is to be determined, diligent and attentive to detail, with a glint of ruthlessness.” VW conquers the world, The Economist (July 7, 2012).

April 2013 Top 6

Every firm has different goals and needs.  Don’t try to emulate Google’s strategy; create a better one. There is no one silver-bullet fix for every company.  Become the Grand Canyon, not the Köprü Dam. Thinking outside the box is great, just make sure you’re still connecting all the lines. Your team has to be on […]


A customer checks you out …

March 2013 Top 6

How did he know you existed? What brought him to you? How do you get more like him? What does he need?  How can you meet his needs better? Will he actually buy more if the price is lower?  How much more? How easy is it for him to choose you?  How can you make […]


Why do Americans generally get paid more to do business than to do engineering or science? Is it that there is greater opportunity in helping people interact with each other peacefully through trade than in helping them interact with the forces of nature, or is it that our priorities are out-of-whack?

February 2013 Top 6

Predictions are often wrong, but they can be useful. Just think about your business planning process for an example. Never works out that way, but it does help the organization navigate its changing landscape. The seeds of downfalls of leading corporations are often found in the exact things which propelled the corporation to lead. Schumpeter […]