Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2011

Top 6 To Marek Matějka, herec, dobrý muž, i camarad, I will miss our zábavný večer. 2 October 1974 – 25 November 2011

December 2011 Top 6

Not everyone values you, but some do. Love the one your with. I am speaking about customers you know. With sluggish economy and growing disparity, underdog branding might be in order. TS: “food, housing, and real friends … everything else … forgetaboutit.” MM: “Eeexaaacteeellyyy” Prices drive tradeoffs. Make your customers make decisions. You have to, […]


“The only profit center is the customer” Peter Drucker

November 2011 Top 6

Corporations are psychopaths? Pricing errors, specifically price communication errors, are deadly for career and corporation. Witness Reed Hastings & Netflix. Corporations are people? One person’s blunder is another’s opportunity. Corporations serve needs? All of the above or pick & choose.


Summer Heat Beats

August 2011 Top 6

Play Ball! If only ticket sellers would! The boys of summer shop ‘til they drop Mother knows best! And don’t you forget it! A picture’s not worth a thousand words? Go Meat!!! August Vacation … NOPE. Fall Reporting and Planning Season. 4 months to deliver results.


July 2011 Top 6

If the price fits, then the suit fits! If my Brand is getting bigger, why are my profits getting smaller? Coupon day! Where’s the scissors? Come on, let’s get our Group-on! Ouch! No Health Care. Man, that hurts! Preparation “H” is a good thing (H stands for Health Care, by the way)


Summer time! Shoeless and barefoot in the grass.

June 2011 Top 6

Starbucks who, gotta get my Dunkin on! Vacation time…definitely fly Southwest Airlines, Or definitely NOT? Running up an inelastic demand curve is far more exciting than an elastic one Talking about loyalty…98 year old bank account in Ohio Just remember, communication is key. Say it with me! Hard cover, Paperback, or E-book, which one do […]


Somehow “slanina” just isn’t as exciting as BACON!

May 2011 Top 6

Products are bought because they meet a need. If you’re going to try the shotgun approach, make sure you know how to curtail your losses quickly, reload, and correct from the past mistake. “You eat eggs, you drink milk, you get a loaf of bread, and you get a pound of meat,… those are four […]


Spring is nigh. Krokus přijí Kdy? Co chcěš?

April 2011 Top 6

There is a gigantic leap between a good idea and a successful, money-making business. “Market Share has nothing to do with Profitability.” Herb Kelleher If you are serious about your new business, it will become the most important thing in your business or working life. “Unprofitable volume is not volume I want.” Sergio Marchionne Build […]