Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2010

St. Nicholas Day is coming …. anděl nebo čert?

December 2010 Top 6

Google came from nowhere to being a global standard in just 10 years. Disruption happens. AT&T went from a top 10 brand to obscurity in just 10 years. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. As a market grows, so too will the variety of products and price points. Grow not only in size, but […]


November 2010 Top 6

“There are three potentially successful generic strategic approaches to outperforming other firms in an industry: 1 Overall Cost Leadership; 2. Differentiation; 3 Focus.” Michael Porter One of those strategies is inherently precarious due to excessive market myopias: Overall Cost Leadership. Tim J. Smith It’s a bad idea to lead with price in advertising A cost-based […]


“Grilling, broiling, barbecuing – whatever you want to call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice.”
James Beard, ‘Beard on Food’ (1974)

August 2010 Top 6

Having the right maker’s hand in the grill adds value. Duchamp’s fountain: Priceless. Contact your plumber for all other urinals. The right maker knows how to handle a flair-up on the barbie. Job’s action: Restorative. Contact Tony Hayword for less useful declarations. Never forget your seasoning. 365 days a year we have questions. With Quaker […]


“What business are you in?” Theodore Levitt, 1925-2006.

July 2010 Top 6

First to market doesn’t make you the winner, the best offering does. A growing population doesn’t ensure a growing market, an appropriate solution to a real problem does. Products rarely hold a market to itself, alternatives and substitutes always exist. The cheapest prices don’t guarantee market share, the best offering does. The latest hot business […]


“All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten.” Robert Fulghum

June 2010 Top 6

“Say you’re sorry when you hurt someone.” Toyota should have done this earlier and more strongly. “Flush.” Nordstrom flushed the status quo and embraced change. “Play fair.” The intelligent customer-focused company will face its crises squarely and honestly and use the crisis to show its stakeholders that it is a responsible corporate citizen. “Share everything.” […]


“In an authentic world failure is something you embrace. It’s almost a noble pursuit. I come from that world—it supported me in creating the punk aesthetic.” Malcolm McLaren, Manager of the Sex Pistols

May 2010 Top 6 2 Comments

The main drivers to entrepreneurship are economic growth and unemployment. Both the necessity driven entrepreneur and the opportunity seeking entrepreneur are equally likely to succeed. The first challenge of an entrepreneur is to create and capture a profitable customer. Most entrepreneurs fail to succeed in their first enterprise. Failure today is a learning experience of […]


“There’s so many things that have been said over and over again that need to be said again and again,” Soliloquy From How It Happens (The voice of I.F. Stone), Short Stories, Kronos Quartet, 2004

April 2010 Top 6

Mexican Food Triumphs in India: Witness Taco Bell’s Growth in The Land of Masala Japan, the Home of Sushi, Declines Fish: Witness 14 yr old Yuta Itsuno statement that “They smell fishy” Austrians Believe in US soccer: Witness Red Bull’s $220 MM Bet on the New York Red Bulls Denver Takes a Page from Amsterdam: […]


Ah, March, we all get to be Irish for a day. “May the dust of your carriage blind the eyes of your foe!”

March 2010 Top 6

Choice is the key to succeeding in markets. Customer choice that is. Customers demand accountability. Address problems honestly and quickly. Witness: Toyota. Offering customers a variety of quality and price points better enables the firm to remain relevant to its customers throughout economic cycles. Look beyond the linear path for a product breakthrough. Witness: RIM […]