Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

December 2009 Top 6

Deep dives into what drives customer choices usually leads to dramatic results … but it takes courage to invest the time and effort to bring the insights to fruition. Leading organizations have moved to online interactions with customers. Have you? Carp in Poland, ham in Germany, roast beef in America. Holiday Season is the time […]


If the company didn’t have any problems, you wouldn’t have a job.

November 2009 Top 6

Winning a war doesn’t require one to annihilate the enemy; it only requires one to establish a future state of peace in which to flourish. Personal branding on LinkedIn centers on being ethical, authentic, relevant, and in the moment. . An executive’s job is to make the tough decisions. They get the rewards when things […]


The human endeavor survives through hope.

October 2009 Top 6

It is possible to breathe new life into tired and nearly extinct brands. Restrain those discounts. Focus on your brand. What value does it represent? LinkedIn is helping turn personal economies around and, concurrently, is helping scores of companies anticipate the big rebound that can’t happen soon enough. Customers simply don’t have the excess revenue […]


All competitive advantage comes from doing something different, where the outcome of that something different is something a customer desires.

August 2009 Top 6

The recent recession was hopefully the worst we will see in our lifetime. If you haven’t noticed, we are in a post-recession economy. This post-recession economy isn’t like the pre-recession economy. Things have changed. Buyer behavior has been permanently altered. Strategy must adapt to the new demands. There gold and opportunity in this newly shifted […]


“There is a limit to the information a hungry mind can digest, a limit that often corresponds to the magical number seven, plus or minus two, the capacity of short-term memory.” Gerd Gigerenzer

July 2009 Top 6

Clicks aren’t customers. Customers are customers. “Half my advertising is wasted, the question is which half,” John Wanamaker Faced with too many choices, customers often end up making no choice at all Pay-per-click is making room for Pay-per-position. Markets are people with needs, the money to spend and the willingness to spend it. Consumers are […]


An economist, finance executive, and marketer walk into a PWYW bar. The finance executive says: “With pricing like this, how can this bar stay open?” The economist looks around and sees a customer paying and says: “That guy is irrational.” The marketer replied: “Perhaps, but he is predictably irrational, and therefore reliably profitable. Now, who is up for slivovitz?”

June 2009 Top 6

One in three Americans classify themselves as a minority. In democratic societies, on average, people have a strong desire for an equal allocation of resources. This moderates the concept of fairness as one traverses the globe. We have moved into the “relationship economy.” Traditional marketing has reached an impasse. Social Media is no myth. Under […]


Turtles have shells, but they only progress when they get their head out of their shell. Get your head out and move forward.

May 2009 Top 6

Never let a crises go to waste. Invest in growth opportunities in bad times. Social Media describes the fusion of technology, telecommunications and social interaction with the sequencing of words, text, graphics, symbols, pictures, audio and video. If you’re going to be a serious entrepreneur, develop partners with a mindset of co-create a future that […]


The Leprechauns are Coming … Spring FORWARD.

March 2009 Top 6

“Short term gains can destroy long-term goals.  Evaluate the risks of price manipulation prior to execution. All is not gold at the end of the rainbow.  Watch out for more rain. Salespeople must thrust forward into undefined territory, but make sure you have your boss’s support to see you through the uncertain terrain. The foolhardy […]