Dr. Wiglaf's Top 6 List

A lighter look at the best ideas.... for 2007

Wintry Hearth Rejuvenates the Importance of Being True

December 2007 Top 6

The CEO/MD must be the Brand Cheerleader. The Brand creates a common purpose that bonds the company’s stakeholders. Interbrand’s 10 most valuable brands include Microsoft, Intel, IBM, and GE, all generate more B2B revenues than sales to end users. Sales acts as a container, binding together relationships to facilitate a decision. The Sales is a […]


The Beauty of Autumn Colors Rises from the Death of Chlorophyll

November 2007 Top 6

Kill erratic brands. – Global brand builders position the brand in the same position worldwide. Branding ingredients isn’t a ubiquitous godsend, it requires the ingredient to be differentiated and key to the final product, and works best when the final product brand position is currently weak or in flux. Versioning strategies provide additional features and […]


For good mushrooms, take a walk in the woods

October 2007 Top 6

Mark Leslie, a former entrepreneur who founded and was CEO of Veritas Software, suggest management go through the Sales Learning Curve and involve all aspects of the firm during this stage. In going up Sales Learning Curve, close the gap between what an entrepreneur think salespeople should be selling, and what they actually are. When […]


Every Southern Swamp Has Its Water Moccasins

September 2007 Top 6

Fluidity naturally exists in perceptions of value and price. A pricing artist shapes the surface so that the fluid flows to the desired point. Watch out for snake oil salesman. Its good to jump in early and learn before the competitors, but every southern swamp has its water moccasins. Price discipline shouldn’t lead to draconian […]


Communicate, Align, Capture

August 2007 Top 6

Leegin decision should have a larger effect on prices of consumer products characterized as high-value branded goods, complex product, or difficult to experience products. Leegin decision could act as a deterrent to the long term trend of reducing service and costs in distribution, thus shifting the competitive relationships between distributors towards adding value. Product marketing […]


Value First, Cost Second

July 2007 Top 6

Price is not the competitive equalizer. Value is. Consider how to communicate your value proposition properly. Communicating the value isn’t a once-off thing. Repeat your message and leverage multiple communication vehicles. Internet surveys are inexpensive and quick, but that doesn’t make them all-purpose solutions. Match the market research tool to the accuracy requirements and decision […]


Revenue Capturing

June 2007 Top 6

People like stories. They are believable and engender trust. Open you coat a little and capture their trust. Poorly imitable promotions need a time window of exclusivity. Promotions don’t just tout price, they build or leverage the brand position. Know your points of differential advantage and leverage them in your promotions. Sometimes, counterintuitive pricing models […]


Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

May 2007 Top 6

Just get on with it. Hope, Vision, Action, Perseverance, and Luck, are, in that order, the route to long-term success in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship.. Entrepreneurship often requires touching the boundaries, but that isn’t the same as crossing them. Entrepreneurs are often forced to address questionable issues. If you think that your job is too […]


Sales Performance, IP, and Volume Chasing

April 2007 Top 6

Don’t let inertia or apathy allow poor performance to persist. Make decisions and take action. Specific promotional events that are part of the industry wide annual promotional plan do not necessarily imply bad pricing practices. As the GM case points out, tactical moves should not be confused with strategic directions. Patent are not a one-size-fits-all […]


Blocking of Marketing, Investing in your Blog.

March 2007 Top 6

The blocking and tackling of Marketing remains to Focus on the Customer, Manage Internal and External Partners, and Manage the Budget towards a high ROI on Marketing. Wikinomics suggests that your illusions of control are being replaced with the potential to reap the benefits of using the wisdom of masses. A blog is your opportunity […]