Brick and Mortar Retailing Basing Comeback on Generational Marketing

November 2019 Marketing, Selling

Rumors of the demise of retailing are highly exaggerated. In the article “Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Making a Comeback,” author Jon McFarland Flint interviews two Harvard Business School faculty: Antonio Moreno, associate professor, and Jill J. Avery, senior lecturer. In this Q&A, they discuss the problems retail stores have encountered in recent years and provide some […]


In Defense of Meetings

November 2019 Communication, Corporate

The forward-thinking business world is united in the belief that meetings, by and large, are simply bad ideas. Bad meetings are the subject of popular TED talks. An Amazon search for business books on bad meetings returns over 250 results with titles like “Meetings Suck” and “Death By Meeting”. And, perhaps most tellingly, there are […]