Whither Middlemen?

July 2018 Communication, Corporate

Middlemen make for an easy target for disgruntled customers and observers of the economy. At times it can be unclear how they are adding value to a transaction. Sometimes it looks like middlemen are simply inserting themselves into a transaction to increase costs and take a cut.


Top 6

“After trading relatively flat on Monday, crude oil prices crept a bit higher on Tuesday morning due to escalating tensions between the United States and Iran.” Oil Price.Com

  1. Oh what’s in an aggressive, presidential tweet?
  2. Is a threat by any other social media means, as damaging?
  3. Can these two houses mend their competitive foes?
  4. Or shall we watch the oil feuds play out on the world’s stage?
  5. …while commoners pay the price.
  6. Swear not by brash words, from an inconstant source.

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