When Price Doesn’t Matter

March 2018 Pricing

If you find yourself in this situation, reducing price can help to clear existing inventory but it will not solve the fundamental problem of lacking a product that people want. Better to preserve what profits you can and invest them into developing a product that addresses a customer need.


Top 6

“U.S. stock markets ended their worst week in more than two years on Friday after China threatened to respond in kind to President Trump’s imposition of $60 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports,” The Washington Post

  1. It’s a tariff-off!
  2. Will any of Trump’s positive intentions behind this come to fruition?
  3. Or is this a mere game of ego at the cost of working civilians?
  4. If this is war, what will be the truce?
  5. Since the forecast of such a major policy move seems ill-fated…
  6. What will correct it?

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