When Shortage Is Strategic

February 2018 Marketing, Product

Shortages can be signals of excitement, quality, even virtue. “Sold out” is a powerful story for the right kind of product. Musk’s goal isn’t optimizing his earnings from flamethrowers. His goal is building excitement and investment around his companies. Selling out a flamethrower, and even a hat, does that in a big way.


Top 6

“Citing complaints from customers, the company’s First Bankcard division will no longer issue NRA-branded Visa credit cards touted by the gun-rights group as a special benefit of membership after the current contract between the two parties expires,” Huff Post regarding First National Bank of Omaha

    1. So it begins…
    2. Certain stances can be elicited through business partnerships,
    3. Or their disintegration.
    4. Can this sort of business relationship break-up spark change?
    5. Will others follow First National Bank in solidarity with gun control?
    6. Will it make a difference in the big regulation picture?
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