Pricing is a Product Management’s Responsibility Too

November 2017 Pricing, Selling

Product managers undoubtedly can be held accountable for the profitability of their portfolio. It is reasonably possible to make portfolio profitability a key performance indicator of a product manager. And it reasonable to make this part of their compensation package, thus holding them not only accountable but impacting their own economic condition based on the quality of the decisions they make.


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“This year, more than 164 million consumers plan to shop over Thanksgiving weekend, from Turkey Day through Cyber Monday, according to statistics from the National Retail Federation,” TheStreet

  1. What does e-commerce mean for brick and mortar even on Black Friday?
  2. Could this shopping past-time be a saving grace for in-store sales?
  3. Or will retail stores be even more eclipsed?
  4. Will Cyber Monday replace Black Friday altogether?
  5. Will our culture be better off?
  6. Will a major internet crash replace violence in stores?
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Pricing is a Product Management’s Responsibility Too

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