Who Will Survive the Retail Revolution?

June 2017 Corporate, Marketing

In The Future of Shopping, a 2011 article by Darrell Rigby—a partner in the Boston office of Bain & Company—sees retail today as part of a 50-year cycle. Rigby writes 150 years ago, the railroads promoted the growth of big cities and the rise of the department store. One hundred years ago, the automobile made possible the shopping center and 50 years ago, we saw the rise of the Big Box category killers.


A Wiglaf Prediction

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“As for his real estate properties, my advice would be to divest himself of all his upscale properties. The cash infusion this would generate would encourage Trump to develop a large chain of medium-priced hotels in smaller markets. They would cater to the Trump voting bloc, and could also be very profitable.”


Top 6

“The central bank voted to raise its key rate target to a range of 1% to 1.25%.

That’s the highest level since 2008, when policymakers cut rates to encourage borrowing and spending after the financial crisis.” – BBC News

  1. “Our decision … reflects the progress the economy has made and is expected to make,” said Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen
  2. “Data on Wednesday showed US consumer prices unexpectedly fell in May and retail sales recorded their biggest drop in 16 months.”
  3. Should the Fed have done it?
  4. “Inflation is below the target of 2%. But then Fed Chair Janet Yellen thinks a large part of that is down to falls in specific prices.”
  5. “The rate rise continues the Fed’s slow return to normality after the financial crisis. The journey is not over.”
  6. Per economic history, we just have to wait and see.
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