Price Isn’t Cost

February 2017 Product, Selling

Once the investment is made, its cost no longer factors into the marginal cost of producing a product. Fixed costs are an important part of a go-or-no-go decision for a company at the onset of production, but should not factor into the price of a product going forward. Fixed costs are sunk costs.


Top 6

“YouTube said Monday that viewing of Super Bowl ads on Game Day was up 15 percent year-over-year, with 70 percent of all watch time coming from mobile devices,” Variety

  1. Most likely the only time people will wait until after commercial break to talk
  2. YouTube users collectively spent more than 350,000 hours watching Game Day ads on Super Bowl Sunday
  3. What led the pack of ads was one from Budweiser and a surprise hit from 84 Lumber, both themed around immigration
  4. Perhaps this is the time for ads to impact politics
  5. If anyone is truly watching…
  6. Or just anticipating the next predictable victory
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