Profit-Based Incentives: Doable and Valuable through Alignment of Goals

June 2016 Corporate, Selling

While deal points are a powerful tool, implementing them requires careful thought. List prices, sales kickers, commission rates, and various approximations through product groupings have to be determined to create a workable plan. And, once a workable plan is defined, sales managers may determine that sales territory realignment is furthermore in order.


“When you get a Fed that is now perceived to be lower for longer (on interest rates), with a dollar that is less likely to rally, and an economy that may be slowing but is not in recession, that has tended to be a positive for those stocks in 2016,” Julian Emanuel, U.S. equities and derivatives strategist for UBS, New York Times

  1. Energy and oil stocks striking while the interest rates are cold.
  2. Who else benefits from these financial times?
  3. How long will such a trend last before prices fluctuate?
  4. Is this cause for celebration…?
  5. …Or cause for caution?
  6. Are consumers getting gouged while stockholders indulge?
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Profit-Based Incentives: Doable and Valuable through Alignment of Goals

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