Creative Destruction Strikes Again

May 2016 Marketing, Selling

To embrace creative destruction is a choice. We can either lament that we fell on the destruction side of market forces, or we can throw ourselves into the creative side of market forces. When market forces destroy your industry, embrace it as the opportunity to create a new path — don’t wait for some third party to have pity on you and fix it for you. Fix it yourself.


Free Trade, Protectionism and Marketing

May 2016 Marketing, Partnership

Keeping less-productive Americans in their factory jobs means the U.S. government has to impose tariffs or quotas on the more efficiently produced foreign products. This will force the prices of those off shore goods to go up in order to match what it costs to produce them less efficiently in America. So the consumer has to pay, out of his/her own pocket, what it cost to keep a less productive American worker employed.


“It is unfortunate that instead of engaging with Gannett to negotiate a mutually agreeable transaction that is in the best interests of all Tribune stockholders, Tribune is putting up another roadblock to prevent its stockholders from realizing compelling, immediate and certain cash value for their investment,” Gannett Spokesperson, USA Today

  1. Who holds whose best interest in mind when it comes to mergers?
  2. Are companies resisting collaboration in an effort to persevere?
  3. When going against a business grain, are you just fighting an inevitable?
  4. Often times only hurting the long run in a quest for tradition…
  5. Is it best to move with the tides of change?
  6. Or should stakeholders always surrender in the name of better opportunity?