Why is Gas Priced by Fractions of a Cent?

April 2016 Pricing, Product

The fact that consumers buy gas on a continuum rather than in discrete gallons (unless you’re a wizard with the gas nozzle handle) likely makes it easier for both sides to live with the current arrangement. The pump price and volume numbers go along until the tank is full or you release the handle, and there perhaps isn’t much analytical thought put into the final ratio that appears.


“U.S. labor markets are firm, with the pool of labor expanding but pressure on wages is hardly rising. We have been seeing this for a long time and unless it changes, markets will focus more on Yellen’s stance,” – Koichi Yoshikawa, executive director of financial markets at Standard Chartered Bank, Reuters

  1. What will get the dollar value up?
  2. Does it solely rely on Yellen’s stance?
  3. Perhaps once minimum wage is raised throughout country, things will move.
  4. If the dollar is weak, will a higher wage matter?
  5. Seems as though we are always playing catch up with China.
  6. Where do tax-paying employees fall in the race?
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