2015 Articles by Date

Spotify and Monetizing What Can be Accessed for Free

September 2015 Pricing, Product

At a certain level, the method of accessing a certain music track should be a commodity — it is the track that matters, not the delivery mechanism. Instead of differentiating on price, platforms are trying to do so with exclusive artist agreements and various extras for the consumer, as well as additional marketing support for the artist.


Big Show Idea Vlog

September 2015 Vlog

Join Tim J. Smith PhD in a new video blogging series covering all things pricing. From Hertz, big oil, airline price gouges and Zulily to homemade soda and Gucci, step into a vlogosphere dissecting what’s affecting prices, the economy and you.


Will Ford Find a Market for F-150 Trucks Above $60,000?

August 2015 Marketing, Product, Selling

With recovery in job security and wealth, and having successfully survived the worst recession in most of our lifetimes, truck buyers are in a better position and mind-frame to spend. Moreover, since many blue-collar entrepreneurs spend a significant part of their day driving their truck, and it is normal for people to want their working environment to be comfortable, they are willing to spend for luxury work truck.


Why Retail Has Reached an “Inflexion Point”

August 2015 Corporate, Marketing

Alvarez says that if you have two or three mall anchors of tenants driving traffic, this affects the entire mall. This creates a domino effect that reached down into the community through the lowering of tax base. “One major trend that Retail Revolution (the book) points out is that retailers will reduce store count and also reduce the size of those locations as online commerce begins to satisfy more and more demand….”