Airlines and Innovation

October 2015 Marketing, Product

Whereas airlines are a particularly visible example of an industry struggling with price structures and value offerings, every company in every industry should pay close attention to their customers and what their customers value. Airlines are a particularly visible example of an industry struggling to think creatively about how best to capture the right price for the value provided.


Semiconductor Socket Wars – II

October 2015 Pricing, Product

If a customer doesn’t need to make design changes to change the chip in a socket they are likely to continuously engage with multiple competing suppliers – not just to get the best price but also to secure supply. In fact in some cases customers are reluctant to design in proprietary chips, as they believe that having a single supplier for a product is very risky!


“’I understand why some have concluded that Lehman’s failure was a choice,’ Mr. Bernanke writes. ‘In a way, it is a backhanded compliment: We had shown such resourcefulness to that point, it is hard to imagine that we could not have come up with some solution to Lehman.’” – The New York Times

  1. It is better to explore all options and fail than not try at all.
  2. You can apply all that leads to a non-solution and still be perceived as a success.
  3. Effort accounts for half of any success of failure.
  4. Learn from all avenues traveled.
  5. Resilience is often perceived as triumph.
  6. It is in the stabs at success that one can find they are bleeding out the other end.
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