Keeping Customers Isn’t So Easy

July 2015 Communication, Selling

There are other fields – like airlines and hotels – where providers have invested heavily in customer loyalty programs. Here these programs are effective as long as the provider can fly to the right destination of the hotel company has a property there. When that is not the case, the customer seeks other choices and may be attracted into competitors’ customer loyalty programs.


“You have to be the architect of the circumstances – that opportunity is something you manufacture, not something you wait for.”  Biz Stone, Twitter Creator and Jelly CEO.

  1. As the adage goes, “Carpe Diem.”
  2. There’s no time like the present.
  3. What can be done tomorrow should be done today.
  4. The future is yours to create.
  5. Don’t give up on something because it will take time, the time will pass anyway.
  6. Go, do it now.
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