2015 Articles by Date

Arbitrage With Unofficial Exchange Rates

December 2015 Pricing

Much of this has to do with poor economic policy, the low price of oil (upon which much of Venezuela’s exports depend), and the strong dollar. In such situations, dollars become even more valuable to hoard, which in turn creates more inflation in the bolivar, leading to a positive feedback loop. But how does this lead to shortages of something as basic as toilet paper?


Groupon’s Third Act

December 2015 Communication, Corporate

Both Williams and Mason are frank about past mistakes. They grew too quickly. They didn’t respond appropriately to criticism. Accounting was a mess. The business model required too much labor in place of operational efficiency and scalable systems. But both are optimistic about the core problem that the company is trying to solve: e-commerce for small and local businesses.


Customer Centric Pricing

November 2015 Corporate, Pricing

Without a strong understanding of these customers, as well as the effort to continuously reevaluate this understanding, companies will see their share slip away to better positioned competition. Pricing requires just as much strategy as product; the right product at the wrong price is no longer the right product.