Pricing and Early Stage Marketing

December 2014 Product

After the initial sales growth, the new product suddenly finds itself facing a plateau in sales growth. So the natural question to ask is what are we doing wrong? Did we set a price too high? Should we lower our prices? Fortunately there are strategies for such situations.


Hats & Messy Hair. Wintertime in the northern hemisphere: Little kids don’t care about the hair, maybe we shouldn’t either.

  1. You can’t be all things to all people.
  2. Just ‘cause they say it matters doesn’t mean it matters.
  3. Your most important asset is your time.
  4. Food on the table. Roof over the house. People who love you. Forgettaboutit for the rest.
  5. Where are you? Here.  What time is it? Now.  (Peaceful Warrior, 2006)
  6. Love the ones your with.